What is a Knowledge Entrepreneur?

Image credit: Tim Gouw

Experts — are knowledgable in something (anything is possible)

The word expert can be intimidating, especially if you are asked to assign it to yourself. But two key questions you should have in mind are expert for what and expert for whom?

Create — something to deliver experiences

Experts create work in their area of expertise. But to become valuable a creation has to deliver an experience for someone else. It has to get out of your brain and into a medium that transports your knowledge. This can be audio when you talk to someone. It can be text if you send a message or publish something. It can even be an interactive experience, like a game. All these well-known creator mediums — words, audio, video, etc. — transport knowledge. This fundamental point is easy to miss.

For an audience — that values what they offer

There is no business without customers and there is no knowledge entrepreneur without an audience. For your creations to provide value there needs to be an audience to receive that value. The larger your audience, the higher the potential value of your creations. But no matter what you create, it can’t be valuable for everyone. That’s why knowledge entrepreneurs slowly but surely grow an audience of people that get the value of their creations.

Earning an income — by asking for part of the value they create in return

If you are creating value as an expert, you must not neglect the part where you ask for a part of this value in return. It is the crucial detail that will enable you to keep on doing what you are doing. Depending on the size and support of your audience it will even allow you to do it full time.

  • general support in the form of patronage
  • subscriptions for paid content in newsletters, websites
  • paid access to inner circle communities or courses
  • booking time for consulting, coaching, or speaking gigs

Now is the best time to start — we can do it together

After doing extensive research on this topic, I believe that most people have what it takes to start as a knowledge entrepreneur. I’ll do it myself and build a community for knowledge entrepreneurs (how meta 😉, I know). It will allow me to connect with peers and share lessons learned. And you should do it, too in your area of expertise.



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Achim Rothe

Achim Rothe


Collector of wisdom, tech enthusiast, lifelong learner. Founder of trickle.app. Helping knowledge entrepreneurs to earn additional income.