A Christmas Tree of Memories 🎄

Achim Rothe
2 min readDec 24, 2020

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our favorite activities of the holidays. But that wasn’t always the case. It was a single idea that turned into a tradition and made all the difference for us. It is something we started to do on vacations.

When we stumble across Christmas tree ornaments while traveling, we buy one small piece as a souvenir. I remember the first time how we visited the Tivoli in Copenhagen as a young couple and bought a few red Christmas tree ornaments. I believe we didn’t know at the time that this would start one of our favorite traditions.

Christmas decorations are readily available in almost all spots around the world. This may be something you don’t notice if you don’t pay attention to it. And typically the ornaments reflect some aspects of the culture of the place in them. In Hawaii, for example, we got a wonderful turtle ornament and in Hong Kong a magnificently crafted hummingbird.

So every year, a few days before Christmas, when the tree is set up and ready to be decorated the magic starts. We unpack the boxes and start telling us the stories of the ornaments, while we carefully find a special spot for them on the tree. It makes us travel the world and back in time. And the music, the lights, and the cozy atmosphere create this wonderful special moment.

This year I want to give you this story as a gift. Maybe, you think of it next time you are somewhere remote and see a Christmas ornament. I would advise you to buy a piece and give it a try. And if you do and sit someday across a Christmas tree full of memories, you can share this story and gift it to someone else ✨

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas Tree in 2020



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